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Goa’s Property Market Becomes a Hotspot for Investors, Attracts Delhi-NCR Developers

The picturesque beaches and serene landscapes of Goa have become an enticing investment opportunity for developers from Delhi-NCR. With the demand for second homes on the rise, investors from across the country are setting their sights on this coastal paradise. Notably, prominent builders such as DLF, Sabh Infra, Axon, Bhutani, Veera Group, and Axis Ecorp have already announced or are in the process of announcing projects in the region.

According to industry reports, Goa is anticipated to witness an investment of ₹2700 crore by 2030, which will be channeled into the development of luxury hotels, eco-hotels, nature & wellness resorts, and homestays in the MOPA area.

“The pandemic-induced work from home trend has significantly impacted the property market in Goa. Rentals are soaring, and people from metro cities are considering Goa as a viable alternative,” stated Manik Sabharwal, Director at Sabh Infrastructure, a Delhi-based developer who is expanding its presence in Goa.

Ashish Bhutani, Co-founder & CEO of Bhutani Infra stated, “The sustained expansion of the Goa market can largely be attributed to the rising demand for upscale properties and commercial spaces” and has also acquired land in Goa and is gearing up to launch a luxury project soon.

Rohit Chopra, Founder of Goa premium, a boutique consultancy firm, shared his insights, stating, “Over 50% of the buyers are from Delhi, and developers who have delivered in Delhi are moving to Goa to fulfil the demand coming from their existing buyers.”

As Goa continues to allure investors with its promising prospects, the region is on the cusp of transformation, welcoming developers from Delhi-NCR to capitalize on its thriving real estate market.

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